At Trench Coffee Co we care about your business as if it were your own.  We want to help supply you with freshly roasted and great tasting coffee.  Whether you are a shop that goes through a few hundred pounds of coffee per week, or a business looking to save money on coffee at the office, choosing the right wholesaler is important.  Trench Coffee Co is here to provide you the bet solutions at the right price.  We are a family owned small business and will give you the customer service your business deserves.


Coffee quality is essential and a staple at Trench Coffee Co.  No one has time for old, stale and bad coffee.  At Trench Coffee Co we roast to order and ship/deliver immediately to ensure the customer receives fresh coffee.  Whether it's a tasty blend or a bold single origin you want, we can make it happen.  If we don't have the bean you are looking for let us know and we can get it.  


Trench Coffee Co understands the balance between quality and price and will work with all customers to find the balance.  We offer flexible pricing with a variety of options.  


Wholesale ordering is currently done on a case by case basis.  We want to provide you the customer with a personalized experience so we can ensure we meet your needs. Shoot us an email trenchcoffeeco@gmail.com. 


If you're looking to private label please contact us.  Here at Trench Coffee Co we understand you want a quality product for you to add your special marketing touch.  Develop your own coffee line or choose from one of our delicious blends.